Abhimanyu Times


I can be different person for different people. It depends on what you are seeking.

A Programmer:


I believe in finding smart solutions to complex problems both individually and in teams. Experienced (but not limited to) in Software Development, C/C++, OOP, Algorithms, Data Structures and Public Speaking. Not rigid with respect to choice of technology, relatively platform agnostic, and open to adopting the right technology for the task at hand. An Open Source enthusiast and apart from that I enjoy weight training on weekdays and long cycling sessions on weekends. I am always looking for opportunities that can help me hone my skill set so that I can contribute and give back to the community, in a better way.

A Writer:


I am not really a bibliophile, not really. But I do remember from my school days, how I used to wait eagerly for the language classes to just read and understand the characters inside the story. Although, I haven't read much and can't really talk in terms of favorite writers and their scandals, I do appreciate whatever little reading I have done.

When it comes to writing, it is like encapsulating thoughts into small ageless packets and then passing it over. It is very important to have a clear head if you want to write about something and that is just another way of saying that writing clears your head. Therefore writing for me is like a creative pursuit and when you create something, you add value to your own self, hence the self of fulfillment and hence this blog :P

A Conversationalist:


I often get this remark from people in one way or the other and I just smile at their amazement. We all fear uncertainties, they are not in our comfort zone. In most of the cases this is how the uneasiness to interact with people develop. We think and then we overthink before we eventually let go of our chance to explore an interesting person.

But you know what! After say an year later you won't even remember how difficult it was to just say 'Hi' to a stranger. I mean, it certainly looks like a life threatening situation but it isn't. In the end it is no big deal and it doesn't really matter if someone doesn't smile back at you in the larger schema of your life.

So, the next time you see a man with a lovely pair of shoes just ask him about it. I will take you to an ice cream parlor if he doesn't blush :P

A Believer:


I firmly believe in possibilities. No matter how small the chance is, it is still a non zero probability that urges me to take action. Trust me, most of the time we hold ourselves back just because deep inside our hearts we don't believe something is possible. If for once we can go back and just think about the What if's maybe a lot of things will be different. And moreover, when it comes to losing, it is definitely sweeter than the regret. So why not walk an extra mile thinking about the Oasis, while we can? Who knows what you might find on your way ;)