Waves is a three-day-long festival held in the late October - early November period. The first edition was in 2006. In spite of being a relatively new festival, it has attracted considerable media attention and many prominent sponsors over the years.I, along with my friend developed an Android application to get real-time information about a various segments of the events.


This was a 30-day long project and my friend and I developed it during our free time. It was a bit challenging at first but due to the excellent documentation provided by Google we were able to catch up quickly.

Learning Outcomes:

For the first time, I was in a process of creating an application that will be used by a lot of users so I had to keep into account the best programming practices while doing it. Besides this, I gained a lot of expertise in the following domains:

  • Android Application Development
  • Designing Intuitive user interfaces using Material Design


We had to develop an application that can run on most of the available android devices with various screen sizes. Further, the requirements from the Cultural Fest management committee kept on changing, so we had to develop the application with loosely coupled modules and that too in an iterative fashion.


The users will now be able to get all the event information in real time and will be able to locate events directly on the college map. They will be able to set reminders for their favorite events by just a single tap.

Waves App Demo

Project Resources:


  • The application has 1000+ downloads from the Play Store
  • It has a rating of 4.9 coming from 113 users