Just 6 days back a very rare event happened. It was once in a lifetime kind of stuff and I am pretty sure that it meant something significant. Maybe, when this incredible event happened my vibrations were perfectly aligned with that of universe and a resonance was achieved. I am so happy that it occurred and I think abundance and happiness is on its way. Do you want to know about it? Please have a look 😍

Do you see!!!! How blessed I am :D

Let me restore my sanity before we delve deeper into this amusing thought that I had over this weekend when I realized that I was 444444th viewer of this Ted Talk. Now you can do the math and see why this was a rare spectacle (Hint: Probability). But what was even more intriguing to me, I actually felt quite good due to this strange coincidence and wanted to attach some importance to it. (My antics at the beginning of this blog post).

After this event, I thought for a while and realized how common this particular chain of thought is in our lives. It is in fact so deeply etched inside our psyche that sometimes, we are not even aware of it. In whatever little time I had, I was able to think of two contemporary popular scenarios where we often fall into this pit of ascribing great cosmic significance to simple earthly events.

The soulmate fallacy

People say love is a beautiful. Maybe it is.
But have you ever thought about soulmates? I think I need to smoke a lot of pot (If you are 420 phobic, you didn’t read that) to fathom that idea. The thought that, there is someone who will fit perfectly into your jagged edges and will make you complete, is the kind of fuel, cheap romantic fiction has been running on from ages. You don’t believe me? I know people who claim to be into each other, because they believe that they had met for a reason at the unlikeliest places and strangest circumstances. Basically they attached a lot of significance to simple events like bumping into someone at an airport. Big deal?

The real problem doesn’t start when you obsess about how similar your lunula is to your soulmate or how easily they could read your thoughts before you even vocalize them. It starts when you finally feel the dissonance between your assumption and the reality.
When you are past your glorified interpretation of soulmate and begin to see the other person for the first time then you realize maybe the entire institution of soulmate was nothing but a sham. And eventually this could lead to a lot of problems. For instance, a person feeling attached to his soulmate will cross oceans to rekindle his dead relationship and will keep patronizing it until he is at a brink of an emotional breakdown. In its very essence, this idea of once-in-a-lifetime kind of love has a potency to foster lingering emotional trauma and discontentment. And all of it because we saw it as a wonderful stroke of luck that would never happen again.

The crippling symmetry

I want you to meet Jill. She is an investment banker. She is really good with numbers and when it comes to identifying a lucrative investment option she is a good game. Recently, while driving to her office, she glanced at her watch which was flashing 11:11 AM. Jill kept driving but her mind was stuck at the beautiful figure. Surprisingly it was 11th day of November too. Jill’s synapses intensely fired at this new found symmetrical association between date and time and a smile ran across her face. She flung open her cabin door with full energy (maybe due to the great cosmic event while driving) only to encounter her sullen superior already waiting there. He informed, how badly her last few investments failed. Jill clearly had a bad day on 11 November.

On 12 December, Jill was getting ready for an important presentation at 2:00 PM. While driving to office she glanced at her watch. To her horror, it flashed 12:12 PM. The instant reaction of her body was to sweat profusely because this symmetry triggered the previous bad experience stored inside her brain. Needless to say, she was stuck in a self fulfilling prophecy and ended up looking nervous during the presentation.

Looking at things as they are:

If you stopped seeing the world in terms of what you like and what you dislike, and saw things for what they truly are in themselves, you would find a great deal more peace in your life.

Patrick Jane, The Mentalist

This is a profound statement and if you understand it properly, you can gain immunity from mental chicanery that you encounter on day to day basis. The trick is to stop finding useless patterns and associations to soothe yourself and rather accepting the presence of probability outside high school textbooks.

We must understand that it is the tendency of human mind to store information in a categorical format. To club similar looking information together for better storage and retrieval. Think of it as a library where all the crime novels are kept under the hood or a compression algorithm that encodes 000000000000000 as 15-0.

Now even though you found your partner under very rare conditions, accept it as just a pleasant coincidence. Nothing more and nothing less (Positively don’t color it with some soulmate flavored bullshit).
Also, while driving down to work, if you happen to get stuck in some symmetrical coincidence don’t take it to your heart. Learn the law of independent events and treat each day indifferent from your past pleasant/unpleasant coincidences.

Basically do whatever you want, wear red socks or carry your lucky handkerchief to the big game. Just be aware how probability is very real but the biases in your brain aren’t.

~ Says a guy who is posting his 8th blog post on the 8 day of this month! 🤞